Astro Photography – Upcoming Guest Speakers

December Tuesday 4th 2018
“Astro Photography” with Bob Sapey and Michael Tempan

Michael Tempan is an amateur photographer who recently developed an interest in astronomy. It is becoming easier to combine the two interests in astrophotography: the difficulty is that there are so many differents routes into this field, each requiring different equipment. Michael uses DSLRs and, in the main, conventional lenses for wide field and deep sky imaging. However, he will also mention briefly other types of astro-imaging in his talk.

Bob Sapey is an amateur photographer who is keen on experimenting with photography, both in camera and in Photoshop to hopefully achieve creative results. While not knowing much about astronomy, he has a few years experience of astrophotography using a cropped frame DSLR. He will be demonstrating his methods of talking star trail pictures.

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