Living with Lockdown

As the Hallett enquiry into the Covid Pandemic gets under way, we can maybe remember how we tried to cheer ourselves up during that bleak Summer of 2020. Without our usual Summer socials and not even sure about our next Club Season. Zoom came to our rescue eventually, but over that Summer we issued online newsletters to the members – just to stay in touch – and somehow it made things more bearable.

It was the brainchild of Alison Bonner, who collected the material and put the whole thing together. The result was brilliant and, if you click on the links below, you can see all four newsletters (again or for the first time). 

May 2020

June 2020

July 2020

August 2020

[ Download all ]

Many thanks to all the authors involved but especially to Ali herself, without whom it would not have happened at all.  Sadly, her work commitments will now be taking her away from the Club – hopefully not forever though – so may this “blast from the past” also serve as a tribute to her many contributions to the Club over the years.

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