Second Seasonal DPI Competition Results 2020/21

Results from the 2020/21 season’s Second Seasonal DPI competition.


  1. Giant Turtle, by Nicki Greenwood
    Wild Green Monkey Family, Barbados, by Dawn Keeling
  2. Pigeon Head Study, by Rachel Wilson
  3. Fledgling Jackdaw, by Angela Carr
    Greylag Hybrid, by Barbara Clayton


  1. Hopeful, by Angela Carr
  2. Swan head Study, by Rachel Wilson
    Wing Walkers Side Stretched, by Wayne Paulo
  3. Deep in Thoughtful Moment, by Paul King

General Colour

  1. Columbine, by Barbara Clayton
    The Lavender Girl, by Angela Carr
  2. Gwen Stefani Sting Performing, by Wayne Paulo
    Hare with a Twist, by Angela Carr
  3. Red Sky as the Sun Starts to Dip, by Paul King

Beginners Open

  1. Cave Girl, by Clare Trewick
  2. Springtime Sunset, by Karen Morris
    Water Drop, by Keith Orr
  3. Daybreak Over Lytham Landmarks, by Clare Trewick
    Two Common Waterbucks with Reflection, Kenya, by David Delmage
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