Set Subject DPI Competition Results 2020/21

Results from the 2020/21 season’s Set Subject Seasonal competition. The set subjects were: Action, Artistic use of Shadows, and Garden.


  1. Clear at Queen Mary’s Bower, by Barbara Clayton
    The Carve Turn, by Barbara Clayton,
    Vintage Norton at Oulton Park, by Wayne Paulo
  2. Water Fall Cascade, by Paul King
    Cowgirl Horse Race, by Wayne Paul
    Breitling Wing Walkers, by Annette Boccaccio
    White Water Rafting, by Jeanie King
  3. Arctic Polar Foxes Playing, by David Delmage
    JCB Under Pier, by Karen Morris
    Road to Nowhere, by Karen Morris

Artistic use of Shadows

  1. A Chequered Path, by Dawn Keeling
  2. Out of the Shadows, by Annette Boccaccio
    Buildings in Shadow, by Wayne Paulo
    Light and Shadows, by Paul King
    Marie Celeste, by Kevin O’Reilly
  3. Gerbera’s Last Stand, by Kevin O’Reilly
    Karen, by Keith Orr
    Windmill Shadow, by Jeanie King
    Railway Children, by Karen Morris
    Out of the Darkness, by Keith Orr


  1. Gresgarth Hall Gardens, by Janet Whitlow
  2. Arley Hall Herbaceous Borders, by Barbara Clayton
    Tea House in Japanese Garden, Tatton Park, by Dawn Keeling
  3. Peaceful Japanese Garden, by Dawn Keeling
    Watching the Garden Grow, by Barbara Clayton
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