Third Seasonal DPI Competition Results 2020/21

Results from the 2020/21 season’s Third Seasonal DPI competition.


  1. Blackbird Feeding, by Jeanie King
  2. Gannet, by Paul King
    Cygnet. Under Mothers Protection, by Angela Carr
  3. Bee, by Jeanie King
    Cabbage Whites Mating, by Barbara Clayton
    Preening Penguin, by Paul King


  1. Can I Get it to Him, by Wayne Paulo
  2. Whitby Abbey, by Barbara Clayton
  3. Dreamy Seagulls, by Annette Boccaccio

General Colour

  1. Beauty and Grace, by Angela Carr
  2. A Trio of Roses, by Barbara Clayton
  3. French Bulldog Puppies, by Annette Boccaccio
    Sunset at Anchorsholme, by Sandra Polke
    Sunset Pier, by Wayne Paulo

Beginners Open

  1. Rose Hips, by Clare Trewick
  2. Scraping the Skies, by Clare Trewick
  3. Autumn Colours, David Delmage
    Canal Bridge at Ellel, by Janet Whitlow
    Frozen Leaves, Keith Orr
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