PDI Members Knockout Competition

The results from the PDI Members Knockout Competition, judged by the attending audience

Second Round PDI Results 2016/17

Feeding Red Deer Stag, by Paul Twambley

Results from the second seasonal PDI competition, judged by Mike Davies, set subject “Reflections”

First Round Print Results 2016/17

Flower Power, by Alan Cadman

Results from the first seasonal print competition, judged by Jim Cunningham

AVM & 4 Seasons Results 2016/17

Results from the internally judged seasonal PDI competition, set subjects “Animal, Vegetable, Mineral” and “Four Seasons”

First Round PDI Results 2016/17

Well Stuck, by Paul King

Results from the first seasonal PDI competition, set subject “Sport” judged by Alf Myres

Focus On Fylde Results 2016/17

The results from our internally judged projected image competition, set subject “Focus on Fylde”

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