On The Street

The 3 Cs by Alf Myers
The 3 Cs © Alf Myers

Alf Myers visited North Fylde PS this week, to give his talk on street photography. He introduced the club to the art of capturing the emotions and feelings in the candid and unexpected happening around us in the urban world.

The Mobile Selfie by Alf Myers
The Mobile Selfie © Alf Myers

An unnerving concept to some, street photography for the most part entails photographing strangers. Alf explained the important ideas behind producing good street photos, dealing with your subjects politely and with consideration.  He gave many helpful tips, and inspiration to encourage members to get out and give this stunning style of photography a go.

Losing Your Religion by Alf Myers
Losing Your Religion © Alf Myers

Alf’s passion for street photography really showed throughout his talk. He gave insights into how and why he took specific photos. What interested him in taking the images he showed, and why he enjoys the the final product and the story it tells.

Another thoroughly entertaining night. Alf’s photos and enthusiasm certainly motivated club members to give street photography a try!

In Deep Contact by Alf Myers
In Deep Contact © Alf Myers

See more from Alf Myers at his website or instagram

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