“My way with Digital Monochrome” with John Barton ARPS

Pettico Wick by John Barton
Pettico Wick © John Barton

Speaker John Barton ARPS

Topic 1. A personal look at editing in Photoshop: Colour to Monochrome

Topic 2. Show of a selection of John’s own monochrome prints: ecclesiastical architecture and Hebridean and Orkney Island landscapes.

The visiting speaker’s talk this week was a show of two halves: John Barton ARPS first gave the members a ‘live and unscripted’ insight into his personal technique of editing colour photos to monochrome using Camera Raw™ and Photoshop™. He demonstrated a good range of adjustments on his own images, welcoming input from the members and giving explanations at a pace that catered for the wide range of skills of his audience.

Broch Carloway by John Barton
Broch Carloway © John Barton

In the second half, members were treated to a selection of John’s monochrome digital prints. Comprised of a mix of ecclesiastical interiors and island landscapes, the delicate and subtlety-toned shots of Wells Cathedral contrasted beautifully with the more dramatic shots of sky-and-shore-lines of Skye and Lewis. John’s keen observation of the Islands was showcased in a series of images shot over an astonishing 32-year period which revealed the changes wrought to a ‘barrier beach’ at Orkney over the passing years.

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