Colour – A Pigment of the Imagination

The third of this season’s guest presentations was given by Gordon Jenkins APAGB MIoP.

Gordon is a man with many roles and distinctions in the world of photography: President and Treasurer of Chorley Photographic Society, Treasurer and former President of the L&CPU, Chairman of the BPE and, above all, the new President of the PAGB itself. So we were lucky and privileged to have such a busy man in our midst.

He gave us an expert insight into his day job, colour management. You just wondered how, with all his other commitments, he finds the time to do it! But his talk disclosed a lifetime’s experience in the commercial world of colour. A brilliant mixture of anecdote and wisdom, it was entertaining and thought provoking throughout.

We learned how so much of our perception of colour is a trick of the eye, depending, as it does, on lighting and the surrounding environment. Colour can be scientifically measured now, for example by devices such as Colormunki, but digital photography has presented even more challenges to those of us who want to “get it right”, and exactly matching screen colours to projected or printed colours is almost impossible. And then colours just fade away over time!

We could have easily become despondent or lost in the detail, but Gordon ensured we didn’t and kept us on our toes, engaged and amused. Another excellent evening’s entertainment from one of the masters.

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